Designated Sponsoring

Designated Sponsors play a very important role on the capital market as they ensure optimum trading opportunities for the sponsored shares. This reduces the implicit transaction costs and the volatility of the respective shares.

The highest degree of professionalism, comprehensive service and decades of experience enable us to secure this level of trading quality. Under no circumstances do we resort to the use of quote machines.

We are by far the largest Designated Sponsoring provider and have been so for many years. A large number of SMEs, many of which are listed on the MDAX, TecDAX or SDAX, trust the performance of our team of passionate experts, the largest in Germany. As a Designated Sponsor, we are regularly awarded the top rating "AA" from Deutsche Börse AG.

Our services at a glance:

  • Proactive and individual support provided by personal contact partners
  • Regular reporting
  • Exclusively manual quoting to ensure consistent high quality
  • Use of our on-line tool which uses real-time price analysis to guarantee the best possible information and a maximum transparency
  • Overnight inventory-taking, which means no sell-offs of positions at night
  • A continuously evolving product that always meets the most up-to-date requirements 
  • Participation in our domestic and international conferences

As a long-standing member of the Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e.V. (D.I.R.K.), we are actively involved in the development of the profession and of quality standards in financial communication. In cooperation mit D.I.R.K., we have compiled an Investor Relations Guide on the subject of Designated Sponsoring.

Since 2013, we have also offered our expertise to Austrian SMEs in our capacity as market maker or specialist on the Vienna Stock Exchange. We were recently honoured with an award for the period 2014/15 as the largest foreign provider. We are currently ranked 2nd in the overall rating and remain the largest foreign market maker.

Furthermore, we support the ongoing professionalisation of the Investor Relations discipline in Austria through our membership of Cercle Investor Relations Austria (C.I.R.A.).